Monday, October 20, 2008


It’s funny, many people, upon learning of our latest trip, would ask if we were packed yet. Even just 24 hours in advance of leaving the country for two months, those of you who know me could confirm, that sort of pre-planning borders on absurd. We were far too busy clearing the desk of projects; meeting important teen social agendas; making sure the crazy pup & serene cat had a caretaker & backups; clearing the cellar of debris in case of potential fall flooding... that sort of thing. The garden is still a mess.

When it came to sitting down and actually considering which items to put in a suitcase, I stood back to admire the challenge. We needed to pack for:
1. Australia in early summer - 3+ weeks in a Southern California climate of steady 70s with some cool evenings & winds in city, town and, potentially, outback locales, from Sydney haute event to Byron Bay beach boho to hiking the marvels of Australian terrain.
2. Thailand in, technically, fall/winter - 2 + weeks total in steamy Bangkok, Chiang Mai and the jungles in the northern mountains. Wardrobe to include items appropriate for 5 star resorts events, or, potential highland village touring.
and, certainly not least, maybe even not lastly
3. Paris, France into early December - clothing enough for 2 weeks to make it possible to warmly & comfortably do anything from explore the streets & museums to sample haute cuisine or culture in the World Capital of All Things Fashion. Hm.

The final strategy, for my part, was to pack with a focus on French chill, despite it being the shortest of our visits. Finding or replacing a clothing mishap in Paris -- say, a winter coat -- is a far more costly prospect in both the wallet & suitcase real estate than picking up an extra t-shirt in Australia, or sarong in Thailand. We’ll see how it all pans out. Thank goodness we’re not going skiing... at least I don’t think so....

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