Monday, October 20, 2008

October 14

Specifically, we are being treated to a stay in Santa Monica, overlooking the beach and famous Pier - As Seen On TV and in many a film. Similarly, Day in LA, the Sequel, brings quite the quintessential lineup of activities: meetings, shopping on the Third Street Promenade, an attempted workout at Muscle Beach, margaritas & rides on the Pier, and a celebrity-sighting (the wild-haired Gary Busey, wrestling a curtain in his beachfront condo.) Yankee Shopper Fun Fact: shopping the clearance racks in L.A. is actually a more promising activity for the, ahem, average sized human - what with all those size zero inhabitants, there are plenty of “M”s left over...!

The LAX airport passage is blissfully incident-free and our plane departs at 10pm for the 14+ hour flight to Sydney. The kids are disappointed that the ol’ 747 beastie transporting us has only the cabin section drop-down screens and not the individual headrest mini-cinema experience they prefer... wah, wah. We all do manage to contort ourselves into some fantastic sleeping positions for a bit.

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