Monday, October 20, 2008

October 13 Los Angeles via Boston

Thanks to a very early start on the East Coast (3:45am for a 6am flight!) we all have a full day ahead in L.A. Bailey has to hit the ground running for his incessant slate of meetings - the usual schedule for him in this town. The kids and I take it slowly, as Maddie has started our long trip with a low-grade fever and slightly nagging cough - both of which were surely nurtured, and probably passed along, in the petrie dish of our plane. Yummy.

Suggestions of napping were roundly dismissed in favor of inspecting the hotel pool and waiting for my sister, Emily, who is generously making the drive up from San Diego for an afternoon visit. Upon arrival, Emily is well-camouflaged in the fashionista stylings of the courtyard at the Viceroy. We spot her anyway and all head out for lunch - wandering down Main Street until we happen upon Urth Café - touting teas, organic & vegetarian selections and a clipboard-wielding Obama promoter out front. We place our orders, then luck into a sunny sidewalk table.

Aaah, L.A. A Unique Corner of the Planet. People-watching the most watch-conscious of all populations is quite an adventure. During our brief lunch alone, I spot several apparent male models who have been loosed onto the street with the most bizarre of accessories - toddlers. Naturalist Announcer Whisper: (The lone male of the species holds its young awkwardly, apparently unsure of which limb to grasp. Sensing an onlooking crowd, he deftly adjusts his Dolce&Gabbanas while simultaneously tucking the offspring horizontally at his waist... perhaps a protective gesture... perhaps a maneuver to display sculpted biceps... one can’t be too sure.)

A little beach-play and a post-lunch food coma does finally convince the kids of the brilliance of the nap concept. As they rest, Emily and I retire to the courtyard for overpriced & delicious cocktails until Bailey joins us and we plot our next meal - dinner at Cha Cha Chicken, an oasis of low-key authenticity and killer Caribbean food. Hugs all around afterwards as we say our last in-person goodbye on this continent and Emily heads back home.

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