Monday, November 3, 2008

Signs of Byron

Spending some quiet time around the shire and town - walking, beaching, shopping & pseudo-living-like-locals. The area is well-decorated according to local taste by both nature and the residents. The trees throughout the countryside have beautiful, fantastically perfect shapes -- somewhere along the way, we hope to see koalas in them.
The colorful signs of human wildlife are everywhere - hangliders, surfers and assorted recreational activities from the sublime to the philosophical. [Van Text: 1. Nice Men are ugly. 2. Handsome men are not nice. 3. Handsome n’ nice men are gay. 4. The nice handsome n heterosexual men are married. 5. The men who aren’t handsome but are nice have no money. The semihandsome men with money think we’re after the money.... etc etc.]
One of our favorite porches for afternoon cocktails is at “Balcony” with open air couches that have been catching the sunset - apparently since the early days of Byron Bay when it was the “Orient Coffee Palace.” (Image courtesy of one framed in our living room - you judge if it is in fact the same building.) Perched at the Balcony and above the roundabout, it’s a fun spot for people watching.

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