Monday, November 3, 2008

October 31 Halloween

Although it’s a completely different sensation to have a holiday honoring the lengthening nights, inner darkness, and memory of souls passed on during a warm, bright spring evening, some of the costumery & fun aspects of Halloween are catching on here. Much to the kids’ disappointment, there is no trick-or-treating*, so we make plans to catch an evening cabaret performance with a roughly tied-in theme of “Nightmare on Marvel Street” at the local Bowlo. There is are didgeri performances, jugglers, dancers, acrobats, and some stand up. Despite some inappropriate references - “Aowh, theere ah KEEdz heh?” quipped the comedian at the end of his gig - it was an entertaining variety show. Maddie was a shark-eaten surfer, and Quasimodo/Igor Finn won both the costume contest, by show of applause, and the door prize raffle. As the cabaret hadn’t planned on young contestants (four of the six were under 12 yrs), Bailey & I were treated to a bottle of champagne, and Finn happily went home with some gooey slime and a plastic bug. pictures to follow....

*A horrid statement on the unfamiliarity of Halloween was a news story the following day stating that a trick-or-treating boy had been shot and killed by a (clearly unstable) man who thought the child was a masked thief.

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