Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 2010 - á Martinique - oh la la!

After a fun mini-reunion of sorts with Bail's family in Florida, we hopped a plane from Miami to Fort de France via San Juan (where the airport serves the world's most expensive flat beer for touristas-on-layover.)
All flights into Martinique seem to arrive at 10pm, so it's relatively cool, and the surprise of vistas are saved for the morning....
First order of business: play on beach.
We apparently have a place on Stock Photo Beach. Meander on beach toward town. Wave back to little crabs. Check out awesome greenalgae tidal pool - although the tide shift is fairly subtle due to closeness to the equator...? Check out little beachfront market in town for groceries - pineapple, breadfruit, starfruit, bananas, local vanilla beans, clusters of local cinnamon bark, rum/alcohol infusions....
Second order of business: afternoon rum taste testing.
The owner had gestured toward the stocked bar cart and said "zee bahr is openh!" There are 10 distilleries on this tiny island - about 50 long x 25 miles at widest. We plan to check them all out.

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