Tuesday, October 2, 2007

An "Aha" Moment

I finally figured out how to share our mini videos on the blog. OK, yes, progress is slow, but it is progress. If you see any type of icon above this text (a little blue questionmark, perhaps), click on it, and you'll be directed to google videos. There are two more viddies that we wanted to share for their sound - definitely not for video quality. One is from the balcony our first morning in Cairo at 5:13am - the first of the five daily prayer calls. The lit building you can see across the street is a police station, which houses the closest loudspeaker. To the far right, looming unseen, is the Great Pyramid. The second viddy is an accapella street performance at the V&A (Victoria & Albert - ah those Brits were everywhere!) Waterfront in Capetown.
- And do check out the Hout Bay Music Project guys in the post below!

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